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PVC/PP Rigid Board T-die

We are first one in China who developed the PVC rigid board T-die which has integral upper die body and elastic micro adjustment die lip. Its movable lower die lip can be replaced and adjustable.


The Specifications Of PVC/PP Rigid Board T-die

Die width:1100mm/1400mm/1600mm/2200mm
Die material:P20
Product width:1000mm/1300mm/2050mm
Product thickness:1-60mm


We can offer if you can answer the following questions.

Q1: What material of extrusion product, PVC, PP, PS, ABS, PC or PET?
Q2: Could you please provide me diamensional drawing, structure drawing and photos of your product?
Q3: How many meters per gram is the weight of your required product? (?m/g)
Q4: What is the extrusion speed? (?m/min)
Q5: What is the model of your extrusion machine?

We can produce if you can answer the following question.

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