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Only by constantly researching the needs of customers and the market, and developing new products to meet their needs, can the company continue to develop.

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Our Development History And Achievements

“Yixing Liusen Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” has devoted itself to the research of PVC moulds, combined with years of experience in designing board and sheet extrusion moulds, and after many times of design and testing, has successfully developed several sets of patented moulds, filling many technological gaps in China.

Since 2013, the first domestic PVC unobstructed flow rod foam board mould has subverted the PVC foam board mould industry, and has “epoch-making significance” in the PVC foam board product industry, allowing the PVC foam board product industry to enter a new high-speed development period.

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Key Team Members

Liusen Mould is an innovative enterprise, which has been committed to new product development and innovation.

Zhang Jinlong

Production director

Xia Ji qiang

Design Engineer

Zhou Yi Chang

Design Engineer

Zhao Kai kai

Quality inspection supervisor

Ren You dang

Quality Inspector

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