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More than 10 years professional experience in extrusion T-die designing and manufacturing, with actual data to develop extrusion dies with perfect flow channel design. Our t-die can help improve product quality and reduce the process of material consumption costs. It is a long-term savings for customers.


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Our company’s engineers have the ability and experience to independently design and develop sheet molds of various densities, widths, and thicknesses, and have rich ability and experience in adjusting processes and formulas. A professional technical team has been formed for Customer service, we not only provide mold products, but also have the ability to provide a full range of technical support!

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Our Popular Extrusion Die Solutions.

Sharpened tools help to do good work, we have advanced manufacturing technology and equipments, advanced equipments and technology provide reliable guaranty to be geared to international standards.

PP Meltblown Non-woven Dies

PVC Transparent Sheet T-die

PVC/PP Rigid Board T-die

PVC Roofing Tile T-die

PVC Transparent Board T-die

SPC/WPC Flooring T-die

PVC Foam Board T-die

PVC Free Foam Sheet T-die

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LIUSENMOULD has obtained a number of national certificates for PVC extrusion molds


Where Quality Matters

The Company has advanced CNC machine center, Taiwan large precision surface grinder, radial drill and other complete mould manufacturing equipments. LIUSENMOULD is a manufacturing-type enterprise which is professional in development and design of plate moulds, products machining and manufacturing, as well as after sale service and track services.

LIUSENMOULD has excellent technical talented team and advanced technical equipments, every product implies our team power and creative spirit, with rigorous work attitude and excelsior development concept t, to design the perfect products for customers.

Continuous improvement and innovation, providing customers with better molds, allowing customers to earn more profits. Customers will trust "LIUSENMOULD", the company can survive and develop, and realize the "win-win model".

The needs of customers and the market are our development direction. Continuous research on the needs of customers and the market, and the development of new products to meet the needs of customers can enable the company to continue to develop.


Founder Quotes

The company is a ship in sailing, and the general manager is just the helmsman, who must always steer towards a goal, and all the people on board must work together.
Mr. Xia

Why Do You Have To Choose Our Extrusion Dies?


Solution program of the extrusion die

  • Polymer analysis solution: Customer’s demands, polymer analysis, flow channel simulation.
  • Die head design solution: Melt flow rheology analyzer, die flow channel simulation system, Siemens NX3D, exploitation & application of leading technology.
  • Precision manufacturing: World’s leading technical support, EU-imported 5-axis machining center, global standard quality control system, international advanced EPICOR.
  • Comprehensive service: Professional engineer team, 24 hours hotline service support.


Maintenance of the extrusion die

  • Consulting and supervision: 24 hours real-time follow-up, particular brand service system, ready to receive all of our global customers’ consultation and supervision.
  • Upgrade and transformation: Offer accurate technical support, on-site maintenance, product repair, spare parts supply, and product upgrading and retrofitting, etc.
  • Maintenance and maintenance: Establish files for product technical details, and operate the machines strictly following the instructions; technical pieces of training; regular maintenance.


Innovation of the extrusion die

  • Technology department: LiusenMould has its own polymer analysis center and flow channel simulation laboratory and innovation center, thus each die is manufactured in high precision.
  • Strategic cooperation: LiusenMould has cooperated with several research institutions and labs, turning the achievements of science – technology innovation into productivity.
  • Professional platform: LiusenMould is equipped with both world advanced hardware and software, providing broad development space for our staff, thus creating the most professional team in the extrusion die industry.

Customer Feedback

LiusenMould has always insisted on technological innovation, and customer feedback is the basis for our quality improvement.


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Q1: What material of extrusion product, PVC, PP, PS, ABS, PC or PET?
Q2: Could you please provide me diamensional drawing, structure drawing and photos of your product?
Q3: How many meters per gram is the weight of your required product? (?m/g)
Q4: What is the extrusion speed? (?m/min)
Q5: What is the model of your extrusion machine?

We can produce if you can answer the following question.

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